3 Principles To Live By

   I would like to ask you for your advice.
   From your experience in life, share 3 principles you feel we should all live by.
   Post them here in my blog so that others can see them and learn from them too!


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three principles to live by:
and love…..
they seem to be so simple, but when peolpe face chalenges into their lives, these thtree seem to be so hard to achieve.


To me, the three most important principles to live by are:
1. Treat others the way you want to be treated
2. Engage your faith in God
3. Love others and love God


three most important principles to live :

Courage to fulfill your dreams, to face the world
Confident to trust and believe in how great you can be
Love cuz you’re loved, the reason to stay alive


I’ll share 3 things my Dad always told me. He was a wise man; of few words:

1 – Always keep your eye on the ball. (He was teaching me to play ball, but I have since realized that it speaks to focus, no matter what your situation.)

2 – Always look forward. (Never look back. He lived through the great depression, near-death experiences in WWII and as a police officer, and recovered from a stroke, because he was always looking forward to something in the FUTURE.)

3 – Always pay CASH. (“Son, you should always GET interest, but never PAY it. If you have to take a mortgage, double-up and pay it off as soon as you can.”


Principles are unwavering and set in stone.

They don’t change with the winds, whim, or convenience.

Not if they are real principles anyway ..

Today we live in a very complex world.

And this world will challenge our principles like nothing ever before. The Middle East, free trade, human rights, and cloning are all examples of the modern day complexities that can cause us to examine our principles.

Each year progress and technology create new and complex political, philosophical, and intellectual dilemmas.

In response to this, politicians, the media, and society in general often talk of compromise.

They would have you believe that today’s world is now so complex that general principles no longer work. They argue that we must all compromise more, so that everyone can benefit.

And that is the problem with the world today. It’s “tribal thought” and it’s one reason so many people are sick, broke, and unhappy. Because it is only your ability of forming principles that allow you to deal effectively and positively with the complexity of life today.

This denial of principle in ethics, government and relationships is why things are so messed up.

In many cases, compromise solves the immediate problem, but actually creates more complexity, and more challenges for the future. When this happens, it’s because you violated a principle, for the sake of compromise.


3 principles to live by:
– LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everyone/everything
– RESPECT everybody, including animals
and nature
– TRUTH, always.
There are many others, I had to chose only 3 and these ones seem to me to be
the most important rules.


It is worth living by:
3.Believe in Y O U R S E L F


1. Having my loved ones next to me.
2 º. Feeling loved by my family.
3 º. Love my family unconditionally.
Basically I feel happy when my family is fine, these three points are the main thing for me to live.


Three priciples to live by:
1。be grateful to life.
2。holding our own dreams.
3。smile to everyone including myself.


ı love niko ı like you niko :))


1. Alcohol in moderation
2. drink lots of water
3. eat healthy


Among several things :

1- Forgive & Forget “to be able to go on”
2- Love “brings happiness and can do miracles”
3- Belief “in yourself, in your dreams, in
miracles, that we can do it, we can complete
that journey happily”


1. There is always a choice about how to do things. Your heart will know the right choice. Follow your heart.

2. You may only have one more opportunity to be kind or loving to someone. Don’t let it pass you by.

3. No matter what the circumstances, it is within your power to make things better in some way.


love, respect and be honest….


My advice is:
be true
give love
trust your self
Those are my principles.

I love your music and voice.
take care.


Three things to live by:

Be kind to nature and animals everyday
Make lists and accomplish something everyday
Do a good deed and love everyday

PS: Pet a dog and or cat everyday
And listen to NIKO everyday!!!!


My principles:
freedom, pursuit, and being true.

Sorry, I’ve seen the e-mail so late.





…. Bonus Track: Travels

October 14, 2009 5:20 am

not selfish

October 14, 2009 10:40 am




Truth, love and… faith…
In my opinion, these are the three most important principles to live by.



Love to everyone…and God
Smile to everyone..
Help people when they need it..
and there are so many that we can do…for a better life.


1-Toda a gente é especial.
2-Cada momento é único, aproveita-o da melhor maneira.
3-Não desperdiçar tempo precioso com maus momentos ou pensamentos.


first of all…respect all people of al colors and size
the second one is…always be there when someone needs help
an de thirt one is…treat people the way you wamt to be treaded
the fourth…..always be honest

greatings marianne


1. thank God…

2. admire the world and animals…

3. remember how little we are compare with the greatness of world….we do not have the godlike power to do wrong…it means don’t think you’re greater than just a human…


1.thank God

2.admire the greatness of world and animals

3.never feel more than just a human…that’s all we are humans…

María Angustias Beltrán Calvo
August 31, 2010 8:27 am

Los tres principios básicos para mi es Primero quererte a ti mismo .Segundo nunca perder el optimismo. Y el tercero y no por eso el menos importante vivir cada segundo que se va y nunca volverá.
The three basic principles for me is first quererte you same .Segundo never lose optimism. And the third party and not least the live each second to be and never return.

Casper Damien
October 26, 2010 2:53 pm

Dear Niko

Greetings. You are such a wonderful person. I loved reading wonderful life sayings and advices like that you give. Keep it up. However, I want to share with you or others what I think 3 Principles to Live By:
1. Always accept who you are. Only then you will appreciate who you are.
2. Never give up in life. Be patient all the time. Whatever comes your way never give up. Finally things will be alright in the end.
3. What ever other people say bad things about you or think about you, never let it border you because it will suppress and disturb you in your life. Always believe in your self and you will still stand.

Thank you and this is my 3 priciple in life that I always follow. May be it can help others too.

casper damien


Love God
Be Faire
Respect your self and the others


God (universe)


Steady yourself. Keeping a balance, living in the moment, and maintaining control of your emotions brings true peace. Never deny how you feel but ask yourself why and come to terms with all your answers before you speak. See clearly.

Remember that true love is when you allow for error, truly understand and accept the other person for who they choose to be, and never expect them to change for you as you should never change for them. Love unconditionally.

Never close your eyes to understanding, never stop growing, never stop absorbing the world around you. See things for what they truly are and never fear them. You are a constantly evolving being. Never be afraid to change.

Niko, curious how you would answer your question?


1. Believe that the universe is ultimately a good and friendly place/force.
2. Be personally contemplative and discerning, but not globally “judgmental”.
3. Continually redefine your concept of love…then love, love love!


From my experience in life, this are my 3 principles that i think that are the most importants:
1. respect for all living beings, not just humans
2. be honest in all aspects of life
3. be true to their own principles, no matter what others think..


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