While meditating, in a single moment I clearly saw what I had been seeking after my whole life; in all the principles I sought to live by and all the standards I set for myself, in all my years of study and separation, in all that I denied my flesh, in all that I gave, in all that I ever wrote and played and sang, in all that I spoke and did not speak, in all that I believed and did not believe, it was for love! All to become love and to live every moment of my life only by the law of love. I then at that same instant realized that to understand love is to understand all things and I was forever changed.

I cannot explain how to understand all things through love, it is simply something one must believe in order to begin to see and experience its truth and beauty in their life. She is justified by her children, so go now and mingle with them in the field, eat the fruit of her tree and you shall see. Through love I tell you that I have come to better understand a fetus, babies, children, men, women, culture, language, communication, perspective, good, evil, light, darkness, truth, lies, hate, deception, time, space, divinity, creation, purpose, art, music, food, science, history, the future, pain, death, life, friendship, medicine, health, sickness, poverty, prosperity, marriage, divorce, technology, freedom, the human senses, water, fire, animals, flowers, colors, and so much more.

I believe that within the depths of love live the truths of all creation and the entire universe – cures for every sickness and disease, answers to every question imaginable, views into other dimensions, timelessness and spacelessness. Love is the most powerful force of all and cannot be measured for she is infinite and eternal. Love is the substance that light and truth are made of and from her blessed womb all virtues are born.

I believe that love is all. …all that we truly hope for and hope to become, all that we are seeking after in this life. Many are pursuing power and money and sex and beauty and acceptance and recognition and fame and knowledge… but in truth what each and every human being to ever live has been and will be searching for all along is love, simply love. There is nothing greater than love. Love is the very essence of life and love is the very reason for life. If we have everything yet do not have love, we have nothing. Likewise, if we have nothing yet have love, we have everything. Without love, we die.

I am not perfect nor allknowing nor allseeing, but love is, and her blood is now flowing through my veins – cleansing my heart and mind, teaching me truth, changing my eyes, guiding my hands, directing my path, protecting my future and destiny. Now, all that I believe is love. I have found her and I will never ever let her go.

Love is a universal gift within us all and it is the greatest gift of all! Now, it is up to each of us to let our actions flow forth from this gift, it’s something we decide hundreds of times each day. All actions of thought, word, and deed fall into one of two categories: love or selfishness. Think it through for a year or two or ten and you will conclude as I, there is no inbetween. In every single second of our lives we have a choice to act in selfishness or to act in love.

If you desire to be who you really are and fulfill your purpose for existing then I tell you my friend, look to love, pursue love with everything that is within you, abandon all for love and you will find what you know you have been looking for all along. Shut out the many distractions of this world, turn off all the noise, close your eyes and open your heart, look within the very depths of your being and you will find her there… talk to her, look into her eyes, she’s been waiting for this moment all your life and so have you, don’t be afraid to touch her face, take her hand and I promise you that she will carry you into the promised land. ~ Niko

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Yes, I totally agree. Funny, I was pondering thoughts of love, choice, life, etc. I felt a longing inside. Something was missing with the thoughts that filled my mind & physical ailments. I then heard a song that sounded like your voice as it’s been a lil bit since I’ve listened to your music. I heard the wind, as if your voice came through it. I then came to here… to remind me-choose love everytime. In all things are love. Love sets us free from burdens. It gives us peace & contentment. Love is all that is good. Love is all we need, right? 😉 May the blood of love continue to carry you, & others to even more truth, peace, happiness, healing & all the gifts & beauty for that which love is. May the wind carry you to an even greater depth & understanding of all the Glory of Love….Thanks for sharing, Niko 0:-) Love & Peace- Always, amigo.


Love, simply Love. You knew, Simple xxx


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