Aloha from Maui!


I’m writing to you this morning from the magical Hawaiian island of Maui! It was while living here that I discovered and unlocked so many amazing things – about myself, spirituality, people, friendships, music, nature…and sushi! I ate my first sushi here and have been hooked ever since! *smiling*

I came to Maui this week to rejuvenate my being and to overcome some challenges within myself. I found answers to some very important questions. I’d like to share some thoughts with you that may speak to you and encourage you…

Never lose your joy!

In all that you do – with family, friends, work, hobbies, etc., never lose your joy! If you lose your joy, then you’ll lose so much purpose and meaning in life. You’ll start to become unhappy, depressed and unpleasant to be around. Children laugh an average of 300 times a day, adults laugh an average of only 17. When and why do we become so inhibited along the journey of life?! In one of my songs, “My Son”, the verse goes, “Agility of a child, when didst thou flee? Hold me, fold me, unfold me! Jump in my soul and out of my bones! Innocence lost at such a foolish cost, may I once again feel you in my heart!” Seek to become childlike again! Have joy and laughter in your life, they are like medicine! I'll post a separate blog entry after this one of an interesting article I recently read about the importance and benefits of laughter.

Don’t sweat the small stuff!

Life is filled with important things that truly need your attention, so don’t sweat the small stuff. You only have so much time and energy in each day, be wise and productive in how you spend it. Don’t waste your time with insignificant and meaningless things. For me, it’s something as simple as checking my email too many times each day. It’s being too much of a perfectionist about things that are not really that important. It’s worrying about things I have no control over. It’s trying to please everyone when in fact sometimes you’ve just got to do what you know you’ve got to do! It’s fearing being misunderstood and misjudged. It’s caring about what others think in situations where what others think doesn’t matter at all! It’s being upset about a mistake when in fact I should just smile at my mistake and learn from it. It’s have a check bounce. It’s having someone hack into my myspace account and send out advertisements for porn with my name signed at the bottom. It’s accidentally getting a scratch on a new guitar or a dent in my car, it doesn’t really matter because every material thing on this planet is eventually going to turn to dust anyway! It’s having a delayed flight or being stuck in traffic and being late for a meeting. It is what it is and it’s out of my control so I might as well relax and just BE! I should just enjoy the moment, turn on some music and chill or strategize a business plan or…I should do anything while sitting in that traffic except be upset and frustrated about it. There are plenty of other things in life for us to sweat about, so, don’t sweat the small stuff.

Let go.

Realize and accept that some things are out of your control. Just let go. Do your best, your absolute best, be prudent and then let go. Carrie Underwood released a song titled, “Jesus Take The Wheel”, it was a hit because people identified with the idea that sometimes you just have to let go and trust a higher power. Some people say trust God, some say Allah, other’s say The Universe, whatever your faith may be, we should all practice letting go. Let go of micro-managing things that do not need to be micro-managed. Let go of worrying about things which worry will do nothing to resolve. While growing up, my pastor told me many times that 99.9 percent of the things we worry about never happen, all these years later I can say that he is right! Let go of trying to figure everything out, there are parts of life that as a flower they just have to unfold on their own and in their own time. Let go of all the “dead weight” in your life. A hot air balloon cannot rise into the sky until the dead weight is removed, if you’re gonna rise then let go of all the bad relationships, all the bad habits, fear, anger, anxiety, etc., this is all dead weight in your life. Let go of an image of no value, know that you are beautiful and special and unique. Let go of all the lies you have been told – about yourself, about others (especially others with a different skin color or different culture), about the career path you are “supposed” to be on, about God. For example, I once saw God in quite a small box, I had to let go of some old mindsets to realize and experience a God so limitless and beautiful that words cannot begin to tell.

I would like to say that I have not mastered these things, quite to the contrary. Writing them out and sharing them with you will help me achieve them. I will read what I have written many time over the next few weeks and I will let these words provoke me – to grow, to mature, to be childlike, to be patient, to walk in love and freedom and peace. ~ Niko


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“A hot air balloon cannot rise into the sky until the dead weight is removed”…you made my day…

keep enjoying your trip….

kisses. kalli


Aloha Niko,

It is nice to hear that you are in Maui and you look very happy in photos.. I really like them.
Maui is nice place to visit.. I like there,too..

I was impressed with your lines.. sometimes I don’t know what I should do or what else I can do.. I think I should try to do something more hard.. sometimes I regret thatI did not do my best or I gave up what I wanted to do easily in the past..>_


I could not write all what I wanted to say,sorry..
well, I always get some energy from you, your songs, and your smile.. please have great time in Maui..

makis aleyras
July 9, 2007 6:28 am

geia sou ti kanhs ola kala xerhs se zhleuo ligo kai se katalaveno toso polu filia


Aloha Niko,

You always have something to cheer us up with. Yesterday I was feeling a bit down and it wasn’t a very happy day for me. I have been trying not to get hurt about what people say. You’re right that sometimes we don’t have control over things and we just have to let it be.
You’re awesome! You made my day and put a smile on my face.
Beautiful sunset and beautiful smile!

Lusine 🙂


wow u look so happy!! so radiant!! hmmm, i wonder what these experiences will inspire u to write!!! have fun!!


Hey Niko i loved the picture’s the sunset was beautiful and your right but its so hard to let go of some things like that but ill keep in mind of what you wrote it really touched me niko and brightened my day. maui sounds like a nice place i have always wonted to go. well i hope you have a good day. keep smiling.


Nada se muda com teorias mirabolantes sem sequer tentando provar que elas podem dar certo


Hope you have a good time! life is so nice!! enjoy it!


Hey Niko, I just happened to come across your website and read your blogs. Normally I would just read them and continue with my day, but in this one that you wrote–you really are hitting the nail dead on.

It’s funny how beautiful/tropical places help to put life in perspective (at least it does for me). Maybe it’s just that you are away from the normal hustle and bustle of life to truly make you grateful for what you have. And I have recently realized that most things are out of my control, and I can only do what I can do–let go.

It’s neat that as I read your words they are able to relate to a wide group of people, and that is what an artist intends to do no? Well, nice to meet you (at least through your blogs :)hopefully you will be playing in CA sometime soon). Best of luck!


I live off the sea.I like the sea.


Hey Niko:

Loved you blog, It made my day. I know it is some time after your post but I just read it and it made me smile. Just wanted you to know that.



You are truly beautiful. Thanks for sharing! You are like a best friend I have dreamed of. Open minded…compassionate….conscious….lover of God. Thanks. I look forward to a long friendship. Maybe one day our paths will cross.
Peace and Blessings


Finally home Running errands on a hot day in a car that doesnt have AC is awful Im glad its over lol


Niko, many comment on your smile, it is gorgeous radiant window to your vast heart and soul as true and deep as the ocean! You make me feel uplifted and my soul naked and unafraid. Beautiful! Like nothing ive experienced before, so needed your words today! God too was always a small thing to me, not as much as He should be but then i look at some of the great inspiring creations Hes made, you included and realize God is great! I’d love to visit HI someday, all my sisters loved it, actually encountering a dolphin is a huge dream since birth so is meeting you! Know I’m here should u ever need as u always have been for me! Crazy that children are happier, purer, more loving, enter the kingdom with a child’s heart and I see the liveliness in you! I am always putting myself down, comparing myself to others, telling myself what others must think of me, being afraid of it, need your reminder so thank you! Love Carrie Underwood too and that song and love how you someone so amazing aknowledges artistry in others, you are right we can only deal with so much, choose wisely I need your positivity in my life, it changes and saves us, I love your terminology, your views on God, your relationship with your pastor, inspiring, beautiful, speechless! We can only do our best, be our best, you stand out and shine, I love the hot air balloon, let go don’t worry let God and then you make us all feel better and relate when u say u need to remind yourself too, you are beautiful, thank u for telling us all the same no matter what, you are so loved


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