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In 2004, Niko released his debut Indy album, entitled “LOVE”…a CD/DVD set that included documentary footage of the young artist’s journey – both in pursuing his life’s calling and creating the music.

LOVE received great critical reviews, and NIKO began to develop a small but loyal fan base around the world. Heralded as “pure” and “refreshing”, listeners of all ages were touched by a wide range of musical styles, from infectious pop-rock, to ethereal and soul-wrenching introspection.

Although several major labels showed interest and found Niko “intriguing”, all shied away from commercial release, fearing that the diversity of material might “confuse” fans.

Niko, undaunted in his vision, continued to create music. Developing an unmistakable, yet unclassifiable sound, the catalog of finished masters continued to grow…along with a worldwide base of fans that were inspired by the poetic and passionate artist and his purity of vision.

In 2007, inspired by a trip to a world music conference in Cannes France, Niko and his management radically decided to remove the one obstacle that temporarily stood between the artist and his dream of sharing a message of hope and love with the world…money.

Through social media, Niko and his fans began to distribute 20 of his most loved songs – again from romantic pop ballads to dreamy and ethnic instrumentals – for FREE…no strings attached, other than a request to share in the vision…and “play it forward”.

In 2009, Niko rejected a deal with Warner Bro. Music and decided to remain independent.

In the last few years Niko has released numerous songs as singles, all very well received and celebrated by his global fan base.

Today, fan mail pours in from around the world. People from every continent continue to respond to the music and message with the same passion that Niko pours into creating it.

Niko has plans for a european house concert tour in 2016.

You are invited to to share in the vision!

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