EMI Records Releases one of Niko’s songs in Greece and Cyrpus

We are happy to announce that a compilation CD containing one of Niko’s tracks has just been released by Minos-EMI Records in Greece. The CD is called “Never the Same”, NIko’s song “You’re In Heaven” from his Love album is featured as track 3 on this disc!

Now, here’s where we need your help, especially those of you in Greece and Cyprus. As you know, we’ve been giving Niko’s music away for free, but we need your support on this one. If sales and radio response are strong, we will be able to discuss an international Niko album release with the label!

So, for those of you in Greece and Cyprus who are willing, we are asking two things:

Please buy the album.  Buy a copy for a friend… or ask a friend to buy a copy! Do your Christmas shopping early! 🙂 The CD is available at major retail outlets throughout Greece and Cyprus, like Metropolis, Virgin Megastores and PMW.  With your help, we can take it to #1… it debuted this week at #11. Outside of Greece and Cyprus, you can still buy the album, but only by special order. Simply ask about it at your local record store (because of licensing issues, it’s not available online).

Call your local radio station in Greece and Cyprus and request Niko, and specifically the song ” You’re in Heaven” from the CD ” Never the Same” on Minos-EMI Records.

Thanks so much for your support! With your help, we can take Niko’s music to the world!

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