Indie Artist Niko Defines New Music Biz Model

The following is an international press release that was issued today by Aristo Media in Nashville, Tennessee…

Indie Artist NIKO Defines New Music Biz Model

Forgoes Traditional Label Route, Gives Music Away for Free Online

(Nashville, TN – April 16, 2009) Indie recording artist Niko Papasideris has chosen to forego the traditional music business model, rejecting a major label deal and opting instead to give away his music online for free.

Known simply as “Niko,” the Greek artist and Nashville resident has posted 20 of the most popular tracks from his four releases at for free download.

“My vision has always been to make a positive difference in the world through music,” says Niko.  “I decided to remove the biggest obstacle that was keeping the world from hearing my songs – money.”

The international singer has developed an impressive following, particularly overseas in Europe and Asia.  His Myspace page averages nearly 5,000 plays a day, largely as a result of viral marketing and word of mouth exposure.  The response to his online initiatives has been so encouraging that he recently rejected a major label record deal from Warner Bros. in Greece.

“We were honored to receive an offer from such a prestigious label, but ultimately we felt that the old music business model doesn’t lend itself to a new-millennium artist like Niko,” says Niko’s manager, John Walker.  “So much of his vision revolves around breaking down barriers between artists and fans, and working to develop a new paradigm.”

The prolific artist is currently recording his fifth album, an as-yet-untitled collection of “Newgrass” remixes of new and previously released Niko material.  The project features an array of veteran Nashville musicians: Andy Leftwich and Cody Kilby (Ricky Skaggs), Rob Ickes (Blue Highway, Alison Krauss) and Byron House (Sam Bush), among others.  A number of the new tracks are slated for an early summer release, followed by a European tour.

Niko is currently focusing his marketing efforts overseas in countries like France, Greece, the United Kingdom and China, although he has landed a number of songs in local and national television ads.  His indie hit “The Sun the Moon the Stars” was featured in the national “Star 129” diamond ad campaign, and local Nashville residents will recognize him from the infectious Rivergate Dental “Joy, Joy, Joy” television ad, which has now expanded to a co-op of sedation dentists.

For more information and to download 20 free Niko songs, visit


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Power to you, all the positive energy goes out to you, 😉 All the Best!


Dear Niko! What a brilliant idea you have, to spread your music and let people fly, and to have you mission as an artist without financial interests.
A very good idea to relax with my own music and keep the main aspects in focus. It is the message, we want to share –
Thanks to you – Jürgen

S. D. Wells
May 6, 2009 12:50 pm



Your muisc is very very very beautiful.

I’m your fans!!!


You go Niko….
What a wonderful idea, to avoid the big game called the Music Industry.
You will do well just keep your engery and loving ways and you will go will make it. Just keep on following your heart!
We… your Street Team or Team Niko will support you all the way!!
Love you!


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