Lost Memories

A friend forwarded this video to me today, it’s titled “Lost Memories”. Makes quite a statement.

Let us never forget what is most important – it is not money or possessions or status or achievements or virtual friends or knowlege or inteligence. All of these things pass away. It is not even our own selves. It is our connection to others and most importantly our connection to God (or whatever you choose to call the creator/giver/sustainer of life).

In my last moments of life, I will not be thinking about how many photos I took or how many fans I have on facebook or how much money I have… and my guess is that neither has or does anyone else, in that moment I feel we will all think about what REALLY matters – LOVE, LIFE, ETERNITY. And we will each have that moment, so it’s best if we live a life of love NOW so that in that moment we will smile and have peace.


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