Morningland Dairy

If you don't know about the Morningland Dairy story, please google it. I have read the story and watched some youtube videos and the FDA / officials in Missouri did these honest hard working people VERY wrong.

I made a donation to Morningland Dairy today to an official fund that has been set up by supportive friends of the owners/family of Morningland Dairy. My donation will help pay for several pounds of the cheese that was ILLEGALLY thrown into a landfill by government officials in Missouri. If you feel inspired to give something, please do. Even if it's only $5, that will help pay for 1 pound of the cheese that was taken and thrown away.

The truth is this is not about cheese, this is about FREEDOM and it's relevant to every citizen of the United States who values his or her rights. This IS part of the battle we are in now for FREEDOM in our country. It happens right here and now in something as simple as good cheese being illegally thrown away ($250,000 worth, which crushed this small family business). In this case it's the right to grow/buy RAW food (which is how it used to be for as long as mankind has walked this planet up until a few decades ago), but it could just as well be about another one of our freedoms being taken away.

Here is the donation page…

Here is the Morningland Dairy homepage…

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P.S. If you decide to make a donation, be sure to "Like" the donation page to help bring awareness to what is going on.


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