I am offering an autographed limited edition version of my album Love to all of my listeners for FREE! As many copies as you would like (up to 10 copies). It comes with a 4 hour DVD as well and two 24 page booklets. And it’s all encased in a beautiful box! Only a few thousand of these were printed up, I have a few hundred left and I would love for you to have one!

The only thing I ask is that you cover the shipping costs. It will ship from the USA, if you inside the USA then the cost will be only $3 for the first album and $1 more for each additional copy. If you are outside the USA then it will be $15 for the first album and $4 for each additional copy. This limited edition version of Love makes a great gift for friends, family, coworkers – birthdays, Christmas, or just because. : )

I can sign it to whomever you wish, just let me know by sending an email to niko@niko.fm

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Track List
1 love download
2 aliesha shine download
3 in all of them download
4 jules download
5 the special one download
6 when i go download
7 closing door download
8 help me to feel download
9 i hate to love you download
10 angel rising download
11 my son download
12 stronger than blood download
13 together forever whenever download
14 you’re in heaven download
15 kali spera download
16 love reprise download

Love is a timeless multimedia diary of music, video, writings, and photography. Fresh, honest and passionate – this project reveals an intimate journey of life friendship and freedom, and is filled with a purity and transparency that pierces the heart and soul.

The CD…Love is a conceptual album and features an eclectic collection of 16 songs. True to its title, it expresses all facets of love. Whether you are a friend, a parent, a lover or all alone in this world, you will find a song with an emotion that sings your soul! There is a broad diversity of musical styles on this album ranging from rock, pop, alternative and jazz to gospel, new age and world – all knit together by a passionate voice. The themes and lyrics range from light to dark moods, one song laughs while another sheds tears. There are questions, there are answers. Love is found, love is lost, rejected and then embraced. The story unfolds into a final conclusion filled with hope and enlightenment. Throughout the album, I am a naked soul with nothing to hide and everything to share.


The DVD…
Another truly amazing dimension of Love is the 4 hour dvd. If you have ever wanted to know what it’s like for an artist to compose a song, you’ll see it here. From the first idea to the last guitar strum! It not only documents the musical creation process but also reveals a very up close and personal glimpse into my video journal. There are several music videos and even a detailed interview in which I share my perspective on love and my vision to make a positive difference in this world. And what love story would be complete without funny moments? So there is a dvd category totally dedicated to humor! You will have to see the dvd to appreciate its vastness and wealth of content.
Enhanced CD Section (computer accessible)…

In addition to such a rich music and video collection, Love has a special computer accessible enhanced cd section featuring an additional hour of music and 70 photographs taken while on the journey of creating Love – photos in the studio, photos with friends, and more! If you’re a person who enjoys fine details then you’re in for a very special surprise!

“There is not even a word that can be spoken, describing what I received from the enhanced section of Love. Any word would be too shallow, explaining the feelings and thoughts from each song, the inspiration and the love. Your music is the definition of love. What is received through your music is felt emotionally and even a writer can’t express the feeling. Every song, and every single picture in this section touched me in a different way, and opened me up to a world more peaceful.  I fell asleep to “the final song in the enhanced section, Valentine”, I haven’t slept that peaceful in my entire life.” -Tasha, Indiana.

The Booklets…

And to top it off, Love comes with 2 24 page booklets. A total of 48 colorful pages filled with all of the lyrics to all of the songs as well as descriptions and interpretations from the artist’s perspective! This thing weighs 1/2 pound and comes packaged in a slip case so beautiful you’ll be proud to put it on display!

Love celebrates our humanity – it shows so beautifully that we are only human through our emotions. It reaches the hidden parts of the soul of man, the forgotten depths. For those who enjoy more from an artist than just exceptional music, get ready for an amazing journey filled with both light and darkness, hope and despair, and all of the emotions you can imagine from the life of someone who truly believes in love with all of his blood.


lyrics: It doesn’t matter what you’ve got, there’s just one thing you need, it doesn’t matter what you’ve lost, all you need to see is love. And for all the pain you feel, your struggles and your strife, there’s just one thing you need to change all of your life! Love. The stones that struck you down, they’re crumblin’ at your feet beneath the hand of love. It’s in your heart, it’s in your mind, it’s in your life, don’t look too far. It’s in your heart, it’s in your mind, it’s in your time, don’t look too far. It’s in your womb, it’s in your child, it’s in your hand, don’t look too far.

aliesha shine
lyrics: Aliesha shine, so divine, brightest light upon your face, future is yours to embrace. Destiny eternity infinity divinity identity serenity heart of me you will be free so free! Look at your hands, look in time, look at your heart, shape of mine! Voice that whispers sweet words of life and a face that lights up the darkest night. So you see…a fool will believe and a heart will receive and child will be healed…forever, Aliesha shine so divine, brightest light upon your face, destiny I will never erase. Love is all, give your love Aliesha! Love from your heart is like water. I have called you by name. You should never ever assume, because I knew you in your mother’s womb.

in all of them
lyrics: As strange as it may seem, I heard you in my dream, but where oh love where oh love can I find you? I’ll search throughout the night, above the brightest light, my hope is that I’ll hear you whisper again. Then could it be that, I become as you inside? Love for her for him for you, in all of them. I see it, oh, I see it, I see you, I see it. I do.

lyrics: You are the treasure of my life! You are heaven’s golden light! When I called, you came runnin’, fell right into my arms, I kissed your sweet lips of honey, now we’ll never be apart! Jules, forever will you be mine? and she said “Yes, I will!” Now I wake up with you by my side, your beautiful body so warm next to mine. I smile and you tell me that I’m your little prince, that there’s nobody who could love you like this! Then I whisper again, Jules, you know I need you, you know I want you, you’re so beautiful, you’re so special, I hoped for you, I prayed for you Jules, I longed for you! Jules, you know I love you!

the special one
lyrics: You are my friend and I am yours, we are companions. I trust in you with all my heart, you always were the special one! I lean on you, when I’m not strong, you are the special one. You lean on me and I’ll be here! When things go wrong, just come to me, and I will hold you in my arms. You’ll never be alone, ‘cause I’m with you forevermore. I am your friend, you can count on me, I will be there to hold your hand. You’ll call on me and I’ll be there to hold your heart. You lean on me, I’ll lean on you, we are the special ones! Forever we’ll never part, we are companions, we’ll walk the path together. I will hold you when you aren’t that strong, and I know that you’ll hold me too. When things go wrong, I know that it will be alright ‘cause you are the special one! I feel so blessed, just to know you, to call you friend that is so right. I feel so loved, and we’ll never part.

description: This is a song about sacred friendship. It was born the late night of June 21st, 2003, I sat down at the keyboard and struck one chord, in that moment I knew something very amazing was about to unfold. I closed my eyes and this beautiful song began to flow out of me, completey unreheared. Apart from the harmony vocal, the entire piece was expressed and recorded in a single spontaneous moment! When songs like these are born, you don’t have time to set up equipment, you simply feel it in that moment and you have to run with it or else you will lose it. I pressed record on my laptop but it wasn’t set up to record the audio into separate tracks. The disadvantage of this is that later we were unable to make any adjustments to what was captured that night, but the beautiful thing is that the listener gets to hear the song in its absolute purest form.

closing door
lyrics: I tried a thousand times, I cried a thousand lies, I wrote a thousand songs or more. But then I saw your face through that closing door, you said goodbye, forevermore. I prayed a thousand times, you fell a thousand miles, we had a thousand hopes or more. But then I saw your face through that closing door, you said goodbye forevermore.

help me to feel
lyrics: I don’t know what I’ve found in this God forsaken town! Can you throw me a line? save me one more time, before… I’m going down… Can you show me what’s real and help me to feel love!

i hate to love you
lyrics: First night I met you, I hate to love you. Then when I held you, I love to hate you. Days when I missed you, I hate to love you. Night’s when I kissed you, I love to hate you. When I was with you, I felt another. Last time I saw you, you said “I never loved you.“ Why oh why did you say such things to me? You know I never forgot! How, tell me how could you be so cold when my love always kept you warm!

my son
lyrics: Drifting up and down, you feel lost and nowhere to be found. Floating further out, sinking in a world spinning round and round and round. So you turned on the tv set but you couldn’t find yourself, then you turned up the radio, noise told you nowhere to go. Then you dialed on the telephone but it rang because they weren’t home. Where are you? Who are you? How are you? My son! I never felt loved, I was never the one! Did I fall from the heavens, your bastard son?! Now you’re in darkness, and we’ve got a gun! Agility of a child, when didst thou flee? Hold me fold me unfold me, jump in my soul and out of my bones! Innocence lost, at such a foolish cost, may I once again feel you in my heart! Freedom feet, tattered and beat, I long to dance upon the green sky and dash through blue grass fields… shoeless motion, skip and run, eyes uncovered lit by the sun. Dreams, why didst thou drink the poisonous potion of men?!? How did I drift into a solemn slumber of death! So I turned on the tv set, but I couldn’t find myself, then I turned up the radio, damn noise told me nowhere to go! So I dialed on the telephone but it rang because they weren’t home! Where are you mama? Where are you mama?! Don’t let me spill my blood tonight. Awaken o man! Look to the endless and behold a hope a song a journey! Endeavor forever the golden streets set before thee, obliterate obligations unnecessary. Defy the defiant! Plunge the deep to soar upward in substance untold! Redeem the time mankind, unlock your jaws and speak forth rhymes of childLikE nature. Why shall you fear to step out on nothing? This is life and there is nothing greater than the day which you are holding in your helpless hands. OPEN YOUR EYES!!! Turn now from that which seems right, shut the mouths of greedy gainsayers, silence the selfish soothsayers! Grasp what is truth with all of your might, become you again! My son!

description: When I strummed the first chord, I immediately heard the lyrics “drifting, up and down” and it set the tone of the song which evolved into a powerful libretto depicting the fight between good and evil.

Just as an actor in a film, I become the character in the story of my songs. Playing the role of the suicidal son was not easy for me. I am not an angry person nor have I contemplated suicide but I feel the pain of a generation and in this song I allowed it to channel out through me. The place I had to go to express this part was frightening, I had to completely lose myself and become him. I felt his anger, his rage, his hopelessness and despair. I cried his tears and could taste his blood in my throat.

After recording the part of the son, the mood became so dark and disturbing that I knew it would take an enormous light to redeem the song. We found that light in Angela Primm, she came in like the wind of God’s Spirit and for the last minute of the song she looked away from the page of written lyrics and sang right from her heart.

The love story of our lives is not always beautiful, we have all found ourselves in a dark place. But somehow if we can put away all of our pride and call out with the humility of a child, then Love will come quickly and rescue us.

together forever whenever
lyrics: Never ever ever gonna say goodbye, hold me in your arms tonight, we’ll be together forever and ever. You are the perfection of beauty in my eyes. You’ve been a reflection of God’s love in my life. And that’s why I can promise you, I promise you… Never ever ever gonna say goodbye. How will I live, for you will have my heart! Oh now I see, I’ll live with yours it lives in me and that’s why I can promise you oh I promise you… The time has come now, I must go but hold your tears. I’ll be in heaven soon but I will still be near, I will still be here with you!.

you’re in heaven
lyrics: You came into my life and brought the brightest light, but now you’ve gone away like the wind. Remembering what you said, I won’t forget you friend, ‘cause we’ll be together when I’m in heaven. You’re in heaven. Someday, I’ll be with you, somehow I will see you again. Someday, I will hold you, somehow I will kiss you again. And we won’t forget your words! We won’t forget your light! We won’t forget your touch, because you’re in our hearts! Forever I will love you! Oh and never will we forget you Love! One day, we’ll be together again, in heaven oh in heaven! Someday, somehow I will blow like the wind to you.


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