My fight against domestic violence

Someone wrote me yesterday and said…

"Hey Niko, let's do something about domestic violence/abuse. Anything, please."

I decided to share my response in my blog…

I already am. My method is perhaps not the most obvious or the most conventional and it’s certainly not the most easy for it involves being true to yourself and to do that one has to deal with truth. For most people, dealing with truth is the last thing they want to do for it is just too painful. My method is to help people find courage within themselves and hope and faith and love (for themselves and for others). My method is to help people see themselves with an image of value instead of an image of no value.  Go to my blog and read “Pursue Your Dream”, it is an excellent example of my fight against domestic violence and many other lies that we as people are living. Listen to “It’s A New Day”, “The Exodus”, “Love”, “Aliesha Shine”, “The Special One”, “My Son” all of these songs are my fight against domestic violence.

But people have to want it, I mean really want it, I mean REALLY want it! What is “it”? TRUTH. At all costs. And most people are not willing to do this. For that person, I can do nothing. Everyone has a free will and everyone has the right and capacity to walk in truth. For the person who wants it, I am here to provoke them and encourage them and inspire them with songs, with words, and best of all with example and action! Just yesterday a woman from Greece wrote to tell me she has started being true to herself and has now started a new life (away from a man that was hurting her).

I am not the one who discovered the principle and power of being true to yourself, I am just someone on this planet on October 17th, 2007 11:45AM CST who is loudly speaking of it, shouting it from the top of the tallest mountain! A mountain called the Internet where you can communicate with a global audience from your bedroom. I am a Warrior of the New Millennium. I embrace my calling and I embrace technology – I have put the two together and the outcome has been thousands of messages pouring in from countries around the world with people saying that their lives have been touched and even changed.  I have no horn to toot, except to say that a tree is known by its fruit.

The ultimate answer is not in starting an organization with a catchy acronym like S.T.A.N.D. or S.T.O.P., the ultimate answer is a change in the heart and that is where I put my time and energy, into helping men and women dig deep deep deep down within themselves to find an answer that is there and has been there all along.

I could give 28 steps to overcoming violence or alcoholism or (you fill in the blank) or I can just summarize 100 pages of rules and regulations into one sentence, “Extinguish every lie from your life and search for the truth and in that you will be set free.” I know, such a thing can take months and even years, and to that I say, “What are you waiting for? RIGHT NOW is the perfect moment to begin!” Those who want it bad enough, WILL find it. Those who only complain and give excuses about their situation, will not find freedom (no matter how many steps you give them).

I leave you with this final thought, “Lies are not eternal, only the truth is eternal.”


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As one who has lived the life of abuse for 10 very long years I can say it is the fear that makes you stay and the reality that makes you leave. You cannot live with anyone “for your children”…they are the one’s living in that mess…they are the one who suffer the most…they are the one’s who rarely forget. It is them that are damaged most from it…you have to LEAVE for your children…I did..but I wasn’t afraid anymore …I was angry…at him…at me…for hurting the ones that I loved more than anything in this world. It is not as cut and dried as people think…but you can get are absolutely right tho…you have to WANT it…more than anything…over and above anything…


Thank you for your thoughts, Kym. ~ Niko


Well said! We all have the power within to rise above a bad situation, but one has to believe, then choose. I applaud anyone who has the courage and determination to refuse to remain in an abusive situation of any kind.


you leave a beacon of hope to us who are in the cover of dust.I Believe I ‘ve found hope to continue to strive .Gracias


I have just recently gotten out of a domestic abuse situation and although I always said I’d never end up in one like my mother did… I somehow did exactly as she did… and it took me 20 years to get out of it. Thank you for your words, thank you for all you’re doing… and the magic you bless the world with each and every day!

– Mary / BrytEyz


As an person who had been and is still being abused in one form or another since the 1960’s I have one thing to say. You cannot free yourself and repel the negativity being placed on you without the help of God. We are mere mortals, but on He can restore our spirit and self-esteem to us. Without my Redeemer I would not be here today and able to withstand the continual onslaught that has not stopped. I could leave abusive friends, boyfriends, husbands, and acquaintances easily enough; however, I am not able to get away from my family, especially now that I am disabled and fully dependent upon them. I thank God every day that He bears my cross with me and for me so that I can know that I am truly loved and worthy of being loved.-Kristin Thomsen


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