No Limitations

If I could convince you that there weren't ANY LIMITATIONS and you knew for a fact it was absolutely true, what would you throw out? What mindsets and thinking patterns would you cease to embrace? What media programs would you stop watching? What books would you burn? What places would you stop going? What people would you stop associating with? What job would you quit? What drugs would you stop taking? What opinions, ideas and philosophies would you crucify? Now, considering that there are no limitations, how do you see yourself? How do you see the world? How do you see your music if you are a musician? How do you see your writings if you are a writer? How do you see your patients if you are a doctor? How do you see your students if you are a teacher? How do you see your baked goods if you are a baker? How do you see your new business if you are an entrepreneur? How do you see your family and friends and children? How do you see your future? and mine? The truth is that such does exist. There is a place where one can walk and live, a place that knows NO LIMITATIONS. And if you diligently seek after it, you will find it. You can know who you REALLY are and go where you were created to go. Destiny is yours if you want it. You can have deep satisfaction and genuine happiness. You can see tomorrow while living in today. Limitations only exist in the minds of those who choose to embrace fear and doubt. Truth's sword prevails over all darkness, it is truth that can set you free, it is truth that knows no limitations. If you can see it then you can enter it and become it!

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Hi Niko, reading the “No Limitations” I couldn’t agree with you more…. it’s so true what you mentioned there.. even the destiny is out there, you just have to let it go with the flow and wait ;0)

kisses & hugs from a friend….Marcia xxxx


Hey Niko 😉
well i was reading this article and well i would have to say that i do agree with you and i don’t agree with you lol
I do agree that in life there shouldn’t be no limitations but you can’t do everything you want… yeah i know that you have to create your own destiny, but you can’t have everything in life, and besides what would the world be like with no limitations? I believe a total chaos!
I know many people have doubts and fears, but i am one of those people that face up to them! and yeah def. you’ll go one with life with deep satisfaction. You need guts and no fear to have what you want in life!
I love your websit and especially your music!!! Are you planing to come to New York or SPain?? lol


The point is, that we settle for less than what we normally would, if we genuinely believed that there were no limitations. If I knew I could join teams with a group of powerful people, working to help mankind from destroying themselves with each second, I wouldn’t settle for the job I have now. I would BELIEVE that there are more important things I could do with my time. If I knew I could hang out with people like Niko, I would leave every one of my shallow friends behind, here. Because I would BELIEVE there are amazing people out there, like myself, within my reach. A previous comment posted here, said, “Yeah I know you have to create your own destiny, but you can’t have everything in life.” I don’t believe that is necessarily what he is trying to convey here, I think he is trying to show you that if you changed your thought process, if you allowed hope, if you opened you mind to such things, (without getting in a fantasy world) you will see that you CAN find people who are sincere, you CAN find a job matching your character, you CAN do things that seem impossible sometimes. You must learn to balance reality, dreams and hope. It’s all a mindset. It’s all relating to your determination, how bad do you want this, which seems impossible, to be, in fact possible? You decide, you chose your destiny.


Amen, preach it Niko! I agree with Tasha, if I could hang out with people like you I’d leave all my shallow aquaintances behind, you are so refreshing in these days, so beautiful, so wise! I love no limitations, and I now more than ever seek to make that happen. Make my place in the world, find my calling, travel, meet new people, do new things, get a job, a degree, a license, etc no more fears, what a beautiful world that would be and if wanted bad enough, do all u can to make it happen! You are a speaker and a prophet of a better life, a better new world like Jesus was! I so see and feel that and why so many love you! We shall follow and overcome! Thank you! The truth does set you free and I want all you talk of, I love how you challenge others to look inside and see all creation as important, unique and special! You are a wonderful man!


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