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You know, we get so bogged down by little things and by owning things and trying to control things… but what does it really matter at the end of our short lives on this planet? If you step back and look at the bigger picture you will realize that so much of what often consumes much of our precious energy is just so petty. In life, seek to be happy, seek flow, love, give, BE. Don’t worry about this and that. Open up your heart and mind. Let go of all that weighs you down and holds you back and then take hold of that which lifts you up and propels you forward.

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Thanks Niko.

Lisa Swanberg
May 26, 2010 4:45 pm

The grass withers, the flowers fade; but the word of the Lord remains forever.


People are only important when we work together for good. We haven’t been here very long, and have done much damage together. Are longevity will only occur once we realize how precious and rare Earth is and how we must work together or there will be nothing left to sustain us.


hey, thank you for shareing, I do not really understand some words, can you help me?

In life, seek to be happy, seek flow, love, give, BE.
what does this” flow” and “BE” mean?



Thank you, my universal special friend!


What an exquisitely beautiful video. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us. In my work and meditations I feel so huge… it is a joy to feel tiny in the scale of things 🙂 Lynn Andrews once said, “The first great secret is that we’re all alone. The last is that we’re all connected.” So true. Blessings and light.


ps – I wrote a book on flow 🙂 It is how I live. To answer John… if, in each moment of our lives, we are present with our own hearts, paying attention to what arises within us, then we will seek to do and be the person God intended us to be in that moment. If you are motivated to call a friend, you will do it. If in the next moment you are inspired to rest, you will do it. This is flow… going with what arises as guidance within one present moment at a time. In this fashion you are guided more easily by the higher power.


Niko you are so right, material possessions are all well and fine, but the time spent in collecting them could have been spent on more improtant things like love, happy memories, helping a neighbor. As someone who has faced some serious medical problems in the past, I can tell you that time is the most precious thing that we have. No one owns it, it is given to us at birth, what we do with it is up to us, however, it is limited, we can’t make more of it, can’t buy it or barter for it. So how we spend it should be in a way that makes us happy. Becase one its gone, its gone. So you see TIME is our most precious commodity.


Niko! I’m thrilled to see this video and so happy to know that you are sharing this with all of your fans. Thank you! I’m sure by now you may have read these books, but in case you have not, I highly recommend them – absolutely captivating. By Stephen Hawking: A Brief (or the Briefer version) History of Time; The Theory of Everything; and Black Holes and Baby Universes. All three wonderfully exciting, fairly easy to read, and absolutely impactful.

I wish you and your family well. I hope things have settled down in Greece. I’m sure it grieved your heart to see unrest there for a bit. Love and hugs,



your sentence give me power, but recently my grandmother has illed ,i have no much time in website ,but thank you for your mail, i will suppose you forever


You said it! And “petty” is a word that has come to my mind much too often lately when I think of how some people behave and treat others. Good reminder, life is indeed a gift and much too short to waste on trivial things.


Thanx so much for sharing. You know, I never thought about it, but what you said is so true. This almost sounds like what Tyler Perry’s character of Madea might say.


I agree with you Niko that we sometimes get wrapped up in things that are not important, letting our emotions and ego rule us and not living in the moment. If you have found profound solace and wisdom through music I have found my own bliss in books. My passion is reading and sharing what I have read to everyone. No doubt that books are portals to lots of life’s secrets and I am glad that I am given a chance to have knows some of it. I am not talking about molecular science books or self help books, but fiction books that inspires the human soul.

All I know is a lot of us at the moment are not concious enough to realize the importance of life and of living. It takes a lot of adjustment from us, no doubt, but at least we take one step at a time to get there. 🙂

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Niko!


Thanks Niko..

Great video… Peace to you and the univere.. Many thanks

Sue x


the universe is a big place and we are soooo tiny. and yet we have a huge potential to do good and to be happy.

we fight and destroy each other and our planet when we have the greatest opportunity to achieve so much.

the more people understand our place in the universe the better it will be. i’m sure.



Beautifully said Niko!
Our universe is exactly that . . . . . OUR universe- We have a wonderful opportunity in this life to shape our universe (meaning the environment in which we live). What a great blessing! We can do exactly what you said– CHOOSE to bring near us people and inspirations that lift us up, and give us life. We can CHOOSE to leave behind the things that keep us from those inspirations. What an amazing gift!

Thank You for sharing!


kalimera from Athens. It was a happy moment your good morning e-mail to me.
One thing that I know for sure is that we cannot control our sentiments or feelings.When we stop and think for a while all the things you are refering to above are true..But everyday struggle on this planet erases all.Thanks, Niko.I will try to reach the point of “nirvana” Thank you.All my love

Emile Maroun
June 27, 2010 7:43 pm

this Video makes realize how much the univers is beutiful &sacred, & whow much the men are destructifs


Thanks for sharing my Friend!I did enjoy this presentation. Looking at
our beautiful planet a main thought comes to my mind: how can people
hurt our Earth like they are doing everyday? Why people live as if they were eternal and destroy what will remain after they’re dead? We
own nothing, even our body!
God bless you.


Hey thanks for sharing this.
This is not a very good year for me at all, but your words and the video helps me a bit, and made me feel a little better 🙂



Tanx Niko

That was amazing.
Like I always say Live for Love.


hi, niko
I’m very glad to receive your email, and I like your words. Always support you.


In my culture we are handed knowledge from the ancestors who have left this earthly plain long ago. They have thought us that life begins with each individual soul. Our treasured gift is first God, then the gift of our mother earth, then each individual soul, and last our families. This is the treausres of life . . . anything else is not important! Power and fame causes stress to each soul who seek it. Love is the tying ingredient to life. If you treasure the land and take care of it . . . then your blessings come from this . . . for the land grows that food that help to sustain your body. People must learn to let go of the other things and not allow it to bother them.

Have a great day and blessings to you always.



niko, this is so very true. i couldn’t agree more. thanks for sharing this. may peace and love be in your heart today and everyday 🙂

Erhan Güçel
January 21, 2011 6:57 am

It’s great to see that you share this video because this is one of the videos I share everywhere for raise awareness (among with “Cosmic Voyage” clip, I recommend that video too). This video makes us stop for a minute and think what we do in our lives and what we should do to progress, to advance, to sail to the future as a better human being.

Thanks for sharing this again.

(Another great video to see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxXf7AJZ73A )


Thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful video, Niko.

And thanks to Ann as well for explaining the meaning of flow. Very interesting! This is something I regularly do, I just ignored the word for it. But often too many things I want to do come at the same time, I feel just overwhelmed and blocked. I’ll have to find a way to overcome this !

Yes, we hang on to superficial matters, worry about small things. Let’s enjoy the simple moments that are often the best : sharing some time with friends or family, contemplate the nature. Among the most intense moments I’ve experienced, humanly speaking, were when I shared a few days with a family in a slum and some others with people in the desert : they don’t own a lot but they share a lot and their wealth is love.

Love & hugs


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