Podcast – Video Journal, August 20th, 2007

Here are some thoughts from my August 20th, 2007 video journal that go hand in hand with the "Pursue Your Dream" writing…





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One of the many characteristics I like about you, is the way you speak. I can tell it’s with strong convictions and well thought out because you don’t stammer or struggle for words. It is an attractive feature that others will listen to. I definitely am one of them!


Yes, Niko, yes!!! Love it, amen!!! I love how it feels like you reach right out there and seem like you’re speaking to me, only you can make me feel like crying and laughing at once, I love your power, your force, your presence, beautiful and so true love enemies and the stranger, I’ve made amends this last year with people I’ve disagreed in the past with, it is a good feeling. Thank you for believing there’s power and a purpose and meaning in me even when I dont. You do resemble Jesus so radiant after the resurrection, beautiful! May you always feel loved and appreciated cause you are!


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