Pursue Your Dream (Part II)

(continued from Part I)

My Glass Is Running Over
All my life I have heard the quote, “Do you see the glass half empty or half full?” On the night of August the 20th, 2007, I realized for the first time that I will never again see the glass as half full but rather I will see the glass as running over! In all that I am and in all that I do from now on, I will always see the glass as running over! I will live and see life with a perspective of blessing and abundance. My glass is full and all that runs over from it is for any and everyone who will receive it. For example, the songs I share with the public are but a handful of the songs I compose and sing out while alone in my time of personal communion with God. The Sun The Moon The Stars is what is spilling out of my glass, Illusion, The Exodus, Aliesha Shine, Together Forever Whenever, Kali Spera, these are all spilling out. I encourage you to see life this way, see your glass as running over. Say what you see and you will see what you have said. See the glass running over and it shall be. Jesus taught, Ask, and you will receive. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened.

Be Patient
It may be a while before you can see your dream manifest in the physical realm. Perhaps there are some things you need to learn first, some areas in which you need to grow and mature, some obligations you need to take care of. One does not fulfill their dream of becoming a doctor until they complete medical school and go through years of training. One does not perform in an arena until they have practiced thousands of hours while alone and performed in smaller venues. What I am saying is that all of these things you may feel are holding you back from your dream are actually part of it! You cannot get to the top of a ladder at the first step.

Always remember that the journey is as important as the destination! Don’t despise the journey, even if it takes 50 years to arrive at the destination! This has been the case for my manager, John, he has worked and dreamed his whole life to taste and see what is just beginning to manifest before his eyes! Your dream is every day, yes one day you will reach a certain place of accomplishment and you will say, “My dream has finally come to pass!” but then you will only set another dream to achieve, so enjoy the journey. Each step, each day, each moment, no matter how painful or how challenging, enjoy the ride!

On the island of Maui in Hawaii there is a place called Hana, many people hear about Hana and can’t wait to go only to find out that when they arrive, there isn’t really anything there at all! It’s the RIDE to Hana that is magical, it’s the 700 turns in the road, the waterfalls along the way, the fruit trees, the views of the ocean and rainforests! If your goal is only to get to Hana, your arrival will most likely be rather anti-climactic. But if your goal is to enjoy the ride, then you will tell everyone like everyone told you, “You gotta go to Hana!”

My Personal Search
Personally, to become who I really was and to begin fulfilling my dream, I had to “get out of my father’s house”, meaning I had to leave my comfort zone and place of familiarity. Comfort and familiarity breed a certain kind of habitual living, it can be positive or negative, in my case there were many things I needed a clean break away from – people and their ridiculous expectations, organizations and all their absurd rules and regulations, jobs and their monotonous routine, etc.

For me, it was so extreme that I even felt compelled to change my name! I began going by, Odysseus, the Greek version of my middle name. It was so liberating and just downright cool! No one knew me, no one criticized me, no one judged me based on my past. It was just what I needed. I felt empowered as never before to just be ME! The real me! Who I really was! I felt like I could breathe! I let my hair grow long for the first time! I painted my nails black and wore earrings for the first time!! I stayed up composing music all night long over and over!!! I bought 20 boxes of my favorite “unhealthy” cereal and ate them all as fast as I could!!! 10 times, I drove 1000 miles to attend week long teaching seminars all about provoking people to be true to themselves and to fulfill their God given destiny! In all of this, the warrior and artist in me was awakened and I finally began to let go of all my fears – my fear of man and his judgment and criticism, my fear of persecution… for the first time in my life I didn’t care what anybody thought about me except one: God. If God was cool with me, that’s all I needed to know, everyone else could go jump in the lake for all I cared! My canvas was white and I began to paint it just the way I always dreamed it to be! COLORFUL and TRUE!!!

Your Search
For each, it is different. “The Search” certainly does not always involve moving somewhere else but it does always involve doing something different. You can't do the same thing over and over and expect to get different results. If you mix half water with half juice you will always get the same drink. If you want to discover something you’ve yet to find, then you’ve gotta do something you’ve never ever done before!


Do not measure success by monetary gain or by how others see you, measure the success of each day by whether or not you were true to yourself, by whether or not you walked in love. A day of truth and love is the most successful day any man or woman can ever live. Mother Theresa had few possessions yet undoubtedly lived a very successful life. Life is not about what you’ve got, it’s about what you give.

Be Honest With Yourself
I am a person who encourages people to follow their hearts and dreams but it’s necessary that people be honest with themselves. For example, if you do not have a single athletic bone in your body then you might want to reconsider your “dream” of becoming the next Michael Jordan. : ) That’s a fantasy, not a dream. There is a BIG difference between a dream and a fantasy, do not confuse the two. I’ve seen some people in singing competitions on TV who couldn’t even carry a tune, for that person to pursue a singing career is absurd. I always wanted to be an artist (with pencils and paint) but I have NO natural talent for it whatsoever, I can hardly even draw a stick figure! It would be crazy for me to pursue such a thing when it’s blatantly obvious to me that it is not the gift God put in me. I was always fascinated by gymnastics and would have loved to be involved in it. As a matter of fact, the world famous coach Bela Karolyi had his personal training gym not far from my house, but I did not have natural talent for it, it was not my gift.

A Question For You…
What is it that you can do effortlessly? Stop and REALLY think about it. Can you write? Can you cook? Are you good with numbers? Good at focusing on one thing all day long? Good at organizing? Good at leading? Are you good with mechanical things and with using your hands? Do you love to be around people? Do you love to travel? Do you speak multiple languages? Do you enjoy reading? Do you love nature? Animals? Are you always thinking of ideas for new businesses? I assure you that the things which come to you so naturally do not come naturally to everyone else. Find out what your gifts are and then start to walk in them and you will naturally begin to fulfill your dreams.

The Time Is Now!
You can change your life today! Now, in a single moment! It’s up to YOU and no one else! It’s your life, your day, your choice! How? With a simple decision. You see, most people think of change in terms of something you can see with your eyes and touch with your hands, and this is true, but FIRST change happens WITHIN! Change is a DECISION. It is not based on external things – it doesn’t matter where you live, how rich or poor you are, how old you are, etc. You are a person, you are beautiful, you are priceless, your life is a gift from God! Decide today that you will BE TRUE TO YOURSELF. Decide today that you will GIVE and always BE MOTIVATED BY LOVE. Decide today that you will FULFILL YOUR PURPOSE! Decide today that you will PURSUE YOUR DREAM! ~ Niko



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The speed of our world is increasing. Faster transportation, computers, fast-food,pushing children to do things they may not be developmentally ready for….the message seems to be whatever I want, I want it NOW. It’s easy to see how one might get caught up in the whirlwind of instant gratification. Patience is forgotten while stuck in traffic, or standing in line, or waiting for something to arrive. Anger and frustration emerge, smiles fade, and the chance to learn from the situation is lost.
In pursuing happiness, one needs to search inside. It’s not the buying and taking that will ultimately bring us happiness; it’s the giving of ourselves, our time, our talents, our love.
I have learned that time is not mine to decide. God decides. And if the faith is strong, and patience is practiced, we won’t be misguided. In following our dreams, we do our part to make it happen, but the Divine leads us to the arrival. Along the journey, we can discover beautiful and fascinating events no matter how small.
I like to sing with others. The union of voices and the harmony of sounds awakens my very being. There is a private college where I live, and people in the community, as well as college students, perform in a chorus. I have been in it before, but hadn’t in the past two years. I thought about doing it again, but was indecisive about it. I told myself I’d keep an open mind about it and look for a “sign” as to whether or not to commit.
On the day of the first practice, I hadn’t slept much the night before. So, I easily talked myself out of it, and I didn’t go. Then the second practice came, and I thought since I wasn’t too excited about it, and there’d been no “sign” to go, I considered it to be another year without being involved. But, on the third week, I got an email from the director asking for former members to come. I took that as a direct sign, and went last night. I’m so glad I did, because the music we’ll be singing is awesome. Had I not paid attention, I would have missed out.
On a bigger scale, I am pursuing a dream, now. It’s a slow process because fear keeps rearing it’s ugly face and transforms itself into an obstacle. I fight it when I remember the verse, “…all things are possible through Christ who strengthenth me”….
It’s people like Niko we need to surround ourselves and keep in our life. Positive. Faithful. Loving. Kind. We may not change the tempo of our fast-paced society, but we may have an impact on one person, then another, and another.. Patience. Believe.


I also believe that the journey is what’s important, but do not always keep that in the forefront of my mind. I thank God that you, Nikko have been placed in my life along with other kindred souls to take me back to that belief when I stray. I feel so blessed to be a child of God and connected to others who share their feelings,hopes and dreams. You are so blessed to stay focuses on your dreams. May you always be happy and blessed in what you do,God loves you so, and so do I


There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under Heaven… I try to live by this principle and I think it somehow fits in whay you’ve written.
Thanx for sharing your experience, Niko 🙂 Do you know the song “You raise me up” by “Celtic woman”? That’s exactly my emotions 😉


Niko…..Your blog entry, Pursue Your Dreams, was wonderfully uplifting and I just wanted to thank you for sharing. In return I wanted to share a message I received today.

Sending bright SMILES :):):), warm HUGS ((())) and Much Big Love,

God said:

Pay attention to those things that make you happy. It is not the thing or event, of course, that makes you happy. There is something about it that brings out happiness from you. No matter how diverse the occurrences that give you joy may be, they share something in common. Discover what this is, and you have a formula for happiness.

What brings you happiness? Here are some things:

Beautiful weather. Fresh air. Birds singing. Love received, given, or observed. Children at play. A good book. New shoes. An old friend gets in touch with you. Someone you know has a baby. A bargain.

I think you could make a long list, perhaps an infinite list. What gives you even the tiniest bit of happiness? Never mind what does not. What does?

And what is your definition of happiness? It doesn’t have to be excitement, does it? Happiness doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It can be quiet. Whatever makes you happy, it makes you notice the reservoir of happiness within you. It stirs the pot, as it were. What stirs the pot of your happiness, beloveds? Can you stir it yourself?

Avail yourself of those things that spark happiness within you. No longer deny yourself happiness. Gather that which brings a smile to your lips and roses to your cheeks.

If you want to climb a tree, why not climb it?

If you want to go barefoot in the rain, who says you shouldn’t?

If you want to eat a sweet juicy nectarine, eat it.

And in how many ways can you give happiness, even a little bit of it? Begin now. Who needs a gift of happiness now? Perhaps you can give it. Give it generously at no cost to your hide.

Fairy tales are full of stories where the older brothers refused to share his lunch with a little old man or woman on their travels. The youngest simpleton son shares his lunch, however, and he wins the princess and the castle. The simpleton son does not share with a reward in mind. He shares because he cannot not share. Simple innocence shares. It counts neither costs nor reward. Innocence is too simple to think there may not be enough to go around. Innocence knows no lack.

Is ampleness a part of your happiness? Certainly, it is harder to be happy when you think of lack. Certainly, thinking of all you have been thinking about does not make you happy. Why then think about lack when you can think about what you do have? Appreciate that which is yours to appreciate. Is appreciation a part of happiness?

Is a sense of peace also part of your happiness? Certainly, war-torn thoughts do not bring you happiness. Be done with such thoughts. Accrue peace to you. Sink into the peace that surpasseth all understanding.

I think newness brings you some happiness. Something you learn. Something you never did before.

That which brings you happiness does not have to be a massive thing. The little things will do. The thing is, beloveds, you are not to wait for happiness. You are to discover it now. Find it where it is, and declare it. Be a discoverer of happiness in all the likely and unlikely places. Actually, there is really only one place you find happiness, and that is in your heart. Open your heart now, and you will find all the treasures of happiness you have been seeking. Happiness has been seeking you, beloveds. It wishes to be found. Find it now.


This is the third time I have read your writing of Pursue Your Dreams and I wanted to let you know what an encouragement it has been to me yet again. Your writing contains such depth and has resounded in the deepest parts of me. The image of the glass pouring over will stay with me for the rest of my life. Through this thought comes the realization that anything can be accomplished with a pouring out of all you have which will bring an overflow into the things you do, the lives of others around you and so much more….and you are so right about love. Wonder why it’s so hard to feel and show when it is one of the most important things in life.


You have a beautiful soul..and gift of expressing it. Your words are what I have tried so hard to instill in my sons as they grow. I am seeing the benefits of keeping my life in perspective and allowing Love to always guide me.


Thanks for the email forward. I read your blog entry on pursuing your dream and was very empowered by it. You listed an example of being a medical doctor in there, but having to go through all the years of school and training to get there.

I am currently in Veterinary School, and have several more years to go….I am enjoying every moment of it, though. It is hard, it will test you to limits you had never been tested to before! It requires such brain power, obligation, and determination in order to get through the program. I do realize, as you stated, that this is all part of the dream. I am glad you are writing that to others out there that don’t realize they should enjoy every day for what it is, because there is always a dream that you are trying to reach. If you don’t enjoy the journeys getting there, you won’t ever enjoy life at all or you will have to settle for a life without dreams to strive for. I think a life with dreams trumps any other life possible.


I was needing to hear these pretty words Niko I think that was an angel who asked for that I entered here to read this pretty message I need to make a choice and perhaps I can make a wrong choice but I will always try.


The journey is as important as the destination~! One of my teachers told me that enjoying the journey of pursuing my dream.And now i have met the words once again. Thanx for your encouraging words~! Life would be different depending on what I will decide to do.What’s more,there’s no try!Do or Do not!


I like the addition of the pictures. I look forward to your next writing. Hope you have a great week ahead of you.


I was insipired by NIKO. Everything he said and touched upon is so true. I myself I’m pursuing my dream of being a dancer. I faced so many challenges, and at some point felt like giving up and doing something else. As Niko said it’s a natrual gift I have and intense passion for dance that it just wont leave me alone, plus I’m at my most happiest when I’m dancing. I dream of dancing and acting and singing in some big production on broadway. I have studied musical theatre and desire to have a successful performing arts school also.

I know we live in difficult times and there is alot of uncertinity, but I believe as Niko said, these are times you discover God and trust in him alone, he will steer you in the right path and help you to get were he has already destined for you.

So just like me and as Niko is doing, push hard for your dream, no matter what dont give up!! be true to onself and trust God, You’re destined to succeed.

Thank you Niko.
All the best
God Bless.





Pursue Your Dream is like a guiding star. It gives me the right way to success and proper understanding of success and life. I just came out from a company which was doing illegal business yesterday. For me, people around all like liars. When I want to search for a new job on the internet, I feel like that I will drop to another scope. I fear about the companies like a kid losing my way. My heart calm down as I read the blog posed by Niko Pursue Your Dream. How to be good to yourself? With love, patience, truth etc. One should always listen to the deep voice in his mind. I love traveling and the study of language. Why not hang around some place or save some money to see what the western world is like. Yes, though the company I stayed in is bad, but the experience I learnt there is priceless. I thank God giving me such a chance to face myself and change my life. Pursue my dream is what the most important! Keep moving! Once I was a teacher in middle school with a class of lovely students. I gave it up for much more challenge life. That’s my dream. Everybody has his dream. No matter how slight the dream is, it does exist. Fighting, Lily, I say to myself. Just like Niko says, Pursue Your Dream!


Thanks for being part of my myspace. I was an idiot for a long while didnt spend much time here. I like your blog…it does open my eyes.



So true Niko! If everybody think a peaceful thought everyday, mayby we can see a better world?
I have a dream……


I love everything you write….thanks for sharing this to the world…


It so liberating to see your sprit experience the human experience and live free in your walk of faith, your music reflex what we all need to feel, Thank God for your love to the world of music.

your music is hard to find I’m glad I did. God bless you and your success.


Endeed, you did brightened my day. I was thinking in what you memcioned in this blog for a long time. Not the material things make us feel complete and happy..but love, and doing something that we enjoy to do.


I’m gonna write on this one as I will all the others but I want to message you too! Niko, I think I’m finally waking up and I think getting away from everything, going to Florida and back and having that lead to you made me realize! I’ve been wandering aimlessly forever thinking, knowing and doing things in my head but not in reality. If I may say, I’ve never known a more beautiful man who made me feel so spiritually, intensley, it’s beautiful! I’ve had so many wants in my life always focusing on end results and not the journey, as everyone tells me don’t put the cart before the horse. I love seeing the glass as overflowing. How beautiful and sometimes even putting humor in it like people on tv who can’t sing. I’ve come to realize more than ever, you need to be real, be factual and not fantasy where I spent most of my youth and that each of us are special with our own talents. God blessed us and made us uniquely talented and to not use or appreciate them as a gift or wanting something else is detrimental I love how you moved out, painted your nails, etc but still taught about God, concerned with only Him and helping others. I turn to you Niko time and time again. I love the arts but can’t draw either I’d bring pictures home and mom would say tell me about it lol love, animals people, travel and need to find my path. Love the description of Hana and even when you reach your goal you will always strive for something else, so true, it’s the climb, do it now don’t wait but be patient and know all in due time, some prayers answered differently and I love your songs come from your walk with God and you share it with the universe, St. Niko, you could be the redeemer the savior to those who don’t believe he’s come yet. Amazing! I hope I may use my life to show you the love you give us all! Thank you


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