Review by: Debi Dodson,

Review by: Debi Dodson,

"It is humanity (the music) calling out to humanity." ~ Niko

Not since John Lennon have I heard an artist so focused on love, hope and peace. Niko has the soul of an angel. Passion flows from every note he plays and every word he sings. The strains of his very unique and mesmerizing compositions leave you wanting more and experiencing an eerie type of contentment.

Inspired by his idol, Vangelis, this 33 year old Greek songwriter/performer offers himself to the world as a vessel of kindness and hope. He says he’s not interested in the money or fame, but only to change the world with his music.

His albums can be found on his website, where he offers twenty full song downloads for the world to enjoy.

“I might just want to throw (rules) out the window and follow my heart and release a song the night it’s born and not wait until the whole album is complete. How cool would it be to get to hear the song of an artist you enjoy the very night they complete it? I love that idea.”

Born Nicholas Ulysses Papasidaris, Niko’s gift for music surfaced when he was fourteen years old at the home of a friend. The friend was playing a popular love song on the piano and Niko was stricken by the beauty of the sound. He asked his friend to show him how to play. His life changed from that moment. Niko spent every waking hour practicing his newly found gift. It sent him on a soul searching excursion for truth and hope that he wants to share with the world.

Niko’s journey can be found in his 2004 Indie release, ‘Love’. The CD/DVD package includes studio tracks, videos, photographs as well as Niko’s own journals that chronicle his search. It is a look into the heart and soul of a young man looking for the meaning of life and love. A coming of age story, if you will. It shows how his songs are created from initial inspiration to finished product.

Working with his long-time friend, manager and co-producer, John Walker, from his home in Nashville, Tennessee, Niko continues to garner worldwide support and respect with his genuine vision for love.


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Bravo Niko.I am glad to hear all these flattering comments about you.Keep on


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