Send us your flag and we’ll put it in our office!

In honor of my gratefulness to those around the world who celebrate my music, I am collecting flags from every country. I plan to place them high in our main office so that we will be reminded of the love and support we are receiving each day from people just like you. It’s your loyalty and enthusiasm that gives us inspiration and energy to continue to spread this music and its message throughout every nation.

If you (and your friends) would like to send us a flag, we would be more than grateful receive your gift! If you decide to do this, please sign it with your name and a message so that all those who see it will know who it is from.

The address to send to is:
Metamorfu Productions
c/o NIKO ” Call of the World”
102 Hartmann Dr. Ste. G-316
Lebanon TN 37087

If you plan to send us your flag, please send an email to let us know:

Again, thanks so much and I hope to hear from you!


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