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Our vision is to spread a message of hope and love to the world through the art of music. It is why we were born and it is what drives us each and every day to give all.

Our hope is that as we cast our vision to others, they will rise up and join with us to help take our music and its message across every continent. We are not concerned about one’s skin color, religious faith or political views. We are minstrels, messengers, warriors of light.

Each person who reads this has the power to help and to be part of the vision. How? Take a few minutes to listen to our songs, if they touch you, share them with others. “Play it forward”. It’s that simple. Email the mp3’s to your friends, burn a CD and give it to someone you think will appreciate it, share our web address with as many people as possible, that’s how it happens. One tells another who tells another…and the next thing you know it will spread across each continent. We do not seek fame or glory or power or riches, we seek purpose and destiny, we seek to make a positive difference in this world.

People everywhere are showing us that it is possible for our music to spread at an exponential rate simply through word of mouth. Radio and TV are no longer in control, no longer dictating what is hip and relevant, what will and will not be heard. Rules are not just being bent, they are being broken! A new genre is emerging and it’s called “UNCLASSIFIABLE”. A new breed of artists are rising up, questioning things, pioneering a fresh and new path! Artists like myself no longer have to bow down to the rules and regulations of the “industry”. Each of us make our own rules, they are called Truth, they are called Heart and Soul, they are called Inspiration, they are called Passion and Honesty, they are called Being True To One’s Self! It’s the New Millennium and its time for the Warriors of the New Millennium to rise up and BE! ~ Niko

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Very very inspiring my friend!

that is me
May 9, 2007 2:40 pm

woooooooooooooooow you have a great voic i like it i really like it and i will tell my friend about your voic they will like it like me

i broumes you that all the world will know you

remamber me

that is me


hi~niko,your music REALLY touch my soul,feeling is strange ,just like I knew you before…and I really like your voice ,it accord with your music style & your soul,God must give you great talent :),you’ll get your goal in the end !
And, of course,I’ll share your music as possible as I could
keep going~


hi niko!! you really inspire me to pursue my drrams to sing!!


yeah man……..m sure u gonna rock…… n whn r ur albums releasing in india??????i have read ur guest book u have lots n lots of fans…… m also 1 of ur fan so pls do consider me too…….will b in touch till thn gudbye tc n ALL THE BEST ……u have a very bright future!!!!!!!!!!!


inspiring words and beautiful sounds, you are so talented:)
i will share your music with my friends…

Gerrit vandenBosch
August 29, 2007 6:19 pm

Hi Nico

i still listen the song the son the moon the stars on my handy, the sound the voice is as if i on the son on the moon ore at the stars, i still turn it on and on so great, so just wanne thank you for this but also the other songs

like to heare more from you xx


Have an awesome Birthday and on and on for all the days of your wonderful life. Thanks for being you and for all that you do.


Happy Birthday Niko !


Niko, have been inspired to go through and read these blogs. Beautiful!! I can’t think of anyone else using their life, their talent, heart, brain, money, time to spread love all over the world. John Lennon, Michael Jackson and Jesus are only ones who come to mind. The world needs it in these times even more so though. You are a great who deserves to be loved, cherished and be known all through history though you don’t seek any fame or recognition but still are on a grand scale next to the best in my mind! Bravo to you for using and making use of your talents to better the world!! You are a gift! I will spread the word and do all I can forever! I agree getting away from technology and looking inward, says and does so much! Love your rules and wish world would follow, love being a warrior!


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