TV Interview with Niko about his song Joy!

Greetings to everyone around the world! Yesterday I did a short TV interview here in Nashville on a morning show called "Talk of the Town", the interview was about my song "Joy" and the TV commercial it is featured in. The commercial is part of an advertising campaign called "Feel The Joy!", promoting sedation dentistry. The campaign is in the process of going national here in the USA! Anyway, I thought you all might enjoy seeing it! It was fun!





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Lilac Riverbrook
June 20, 2007 2:57 am

Hay congrats! I even like Joy. To bad I can not see your commercial. I also like to let you know that your music is very inspiring to me. I write stories and hope to get your music on CD soon so I cna get all that I see.

Have a great time.


Hi,NIKO.Give u my strongest support.
And best wishes for you from China.


hey, Niko, love your songs!!!
“it’s a new day for the world to see” you!!!


Ao Acordar!

Ao acordar sente o cheiro
Do amor que está no ar
Envolvendo-me em seus braços
Faz meu corpo despertar
Ao acordar dá-me um beijo
Deixe um sorriso acender
Nossos corpos em desejos
Nossos desejos em prazer
Dá-me um beijo demorado
Com carinho e muito dengo
Eu e voce se perdendo
Acordando e nos querendo
com carinho…..neuza


your music is very inspirational. i have already been spreading the love through sharing your music with friends and family. it’s a great way to bring us back down to earth in peace and harmony. thank you NIKO for sharing your gift with the world and i.


Still love it after all these years, the young to the old! So sweet you dancing with an elderly lady, cute, you do and are joy my friend!


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