The Vision

The vision for my music is that it will be a vehicle to touch the world with its positive lyrical messages and healing melodic sound.

My hope is that as I cast my vision to others, they will rise up and join with me to help take this music and its message across every continent. I am not concerned about one’s skin color, religious faith or political views. I am an audio alchemist, a messenger, a melodic warrior of light.

If my songs touch you, I ask that you share them with others! “Play it forward”. Like them on Facebook, email the mp3s to your friends, share One tells another who tells another…and that’s how it spreads across each continent.

I do not seek fame or glory or power or money, I’m interested in purpose and destiny. My mission in all that I do is to make a positive impact, to contribute beyond myself, to connect and share hope and love, it’s why I was born and it’s what drives me each and every day to grow and progress, to be empowered and aware, to give all!

I do not have the backing of a record label, but people everywhere are showing me that it is possible for my music to spread at an exponential rate. Radio and TV are no longer in control, no longer dictating what is hip and relevant, what will and will not be heard. Rules are not just being bent, they are being broken! A new genre is emerging and it’s called “UNCLASSIFIABLE”. A new breed of artists are rising up, questioning things, pioneering a fresh and new path! Artists like myself no longer have to bow down to the rules and regulations of the “industry”. Each of us make our own rules, they are called Truth, they are called Heart and Soul, they are called Inspiration, they are called Passion and Honesty, they are called Being True To One’s Self! It’s the New Millennium and its time for the Warriors of the New Millennium to rise up and BE!

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