What do you hate NOT doing?

We’ve all asked ourselves, “What do I really love?” or “What makes me happy?” But I was recently asked “What do you hate NOT doing?” I like that! It’s a great way to find out what you LOVE doing!  

What makes you feel dissatisfied, unhappy, irritated, annoyed or off-track if you are not doing it?

What do I hate NOT doing? These were some of my personal answers… 

I hate not working out / exercising.

To say I don’t have time to exercise is just stupid because the honest truth is that I don’t NOT have time to exercise. I say that because exercising is TOO important. If I lose my health then what good are so many other things? What good is a great job, a profitable company, a beautiful family – what good are these things to me if I am unhealthy and sick and if I die young simply because I did not take good care of myself. Exercise has so many benefits – energy, longevity, physical appearance, etc.

I hate not working on music.

When I get too busy with working and with “things” and do not work on music, it saddens my soul, it grieves my being. Conclusion? Don’t work on music and slowly become a miserable human being. Or, work on music and be a happy human being. Simple as that. Why is it so black and white for me? Because music is not just something I do, it’s who I am. That’s why. It is not a thing, it’s alive. For me, ignoring music is the equivalent of a man ignoring his wife that he loves with his blood. Why would a man ever do that? It can only be because he has believed a lie, he has somehow become terribly jaded. So, I have to protect myself from all the distractions/lies that take me away from my music that I love with my blood.

I hate not travelling.

When I don’t travel I feel like I’m missing out on one of the most important things in my life. Why? I feel the world in my being and have a need to be in the world. I’m not talking about taking a vacation. I’m talking about being in a place and really BEING THERE. Feeling the people, taking in the landscape, eating the food, listening to the music and  language, watching the way people drive and interact and think and speak and act. Soaking up the culture as a whole. I’m the kind of person who will visit one place and stay there for weeks and absorb everything I can. It’s a deep and intense experience for me. It always changes me. It’s broadens my perspective. It reveals mysteries to me. It inspires me – to write, to compose, to travel more, to open up my mind… to live, to love.

I hate not living closer to the people I love – family and friends.

The solution? I suppose it was mentioned in the previous paragraph, I need to travel more! : ) I need to go and see them all more often, meet up more often, create more memories with them, show them how much I love them, let them love me back.

I hate not living closer to water / being closer to water more often.

I live in mountainous area. And it’s beautiful but there is nothing to me like being near the ocean. It does something for me that I should not even try to explain. The solution? Well, I could move, sure, but I don’t feel that that is what I am suppose to do at this particular time in my life, so that means I need to…. you guessed it TRAVEL! : ) Boy, it seems that NOT travelling can  have a serious negative domino effect on my life. I better keep a very close on this or else I will one day find myself filled with regret. Nope, I’m not gonna let that happen, I bet you that!

I hate not writing. 

For this answer, I’m going to quote the man who asked me this question to start with, Derek Sivers, “There are so many things I’ve learned that I think would help other people. Things I wish someone had told me sooner. Things that have made my life better, brighter, or wiser. I want to tell everyone these things before I die, in a well-explained way so they’re not misunderstood, and easy to pass on to others. And more new ones are added every week. So I have to keep writing to get them all out. Any day I’m not writing, I’m falling further behind in this goal, which I makes me feel worse.”

The good news…

I’m working on changing all these things in my life. What good would it do me to think about them in such detail and write about them and then not have a plan in motion to change them? I have a plan and am carrying it out RIGHT NOW, not tomorrow, TODAY. Today is what I have, THIS moment.

Asking the double-negative seems to be a better indicator of what I really love doing, than asking it in the positive.

Now, I’m curious, tell me some of the things you hate not doing. Share your thoughts here in my blog, I always enjoy reading them!


P.S. Feel free to copy, forward or quote anything I have written. : )

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I’m happy to be the first to leave my testimony this time …;-)

I’ll start with the words of a great woman here in Brazil that put his soul in his books (I recommend Clarice Lispector) …

She says so “Surrender, and I surrendered. Immerse yourself in what you do not know how I dove. Do not worry about understanding, living surpasses all understanding”

From that – things that I do not like to be doing is living things as they are.

Confusing huh?

For me, it is confusing to wonder forever why of things and not be living in them – good or bad!
It is an individual struggle, too lonely – and what we share is only our state of mind.

Friends, family, enemies (because you know) come and go … our spirit is immortal, eternal is here in this life and in the other, there we are having to live like things in a better way …

I will not stretch – if not, finish it πŸ˜‰

But I finish with another phrase that marked my life too and guides my life here, “Only love unites.”

Hugs and success



hate not breathe, because that means I’m not alive.

I hate not having my loved ones near me.

I hate being sick because I feel bad.

I hate not to travel, I have traveled a lot and I like to do more.

I hate not to travel by plane, I would like, but I think I’d be afraid.

hate not speak English, so I could better express to you.

Having said all this, I can only say that I love my family and friends and there he is including your NIKO. Kisses.


I have not traveled much
sorry, went wrong before


To me, it’s not about doing (like or dislike)….it’s all about BEing the Love that I AM and seeing that same Love in all that there is πŸ™‚


Niko, you said almost everything I’d like to write. Anyway, I hate NOT travelling (I travelled so much in my life but that’s never enough). I hate NOT loving my family and friends and being closer to them. I hate NOT sleeping well during the night. I hate NOT having a pet. I hate NOT living near the water, just like you; fortunately I can see the sea every time from home! I hate NOT helping who needs help. I hate NOT being with kind and polite people. I hate NOT having ice cream or chocolate at home…
All the best to my friend Niko.


Niko, you are such a sweet beautiful soul! Who is so smart and we are so very blessed to have you in our lives to explain things to us. I can only wish to impact someone’s life, the way you do so many. Upon hearing your descriptions, it makes me want to be the best person I can be, it makes me encouraged and motivated and inspired as you always do. Sometimes it takes a very special person who lives their own life so well to remind us of these things. I would love to see the ocean someday, it sounds beautiful and of course I want to reach out to others, to let family and friends know I care about them, you included of course! I just want to be there for people and to express my thoughts in a creative way. We sound much a like! Hope you have a day as sunny and beautiful as you! Take care! I’ve missed you!


Hate is too strong a word for anything and if anyone is doing it, they should learn to break away from this word. But I can tell you there would be one thing I would regret if I don’t get it done somehow. I wish to be REMEMBERED—-that’s it, if many people remember my name—it will make me the happiest woman on the face of the planet.
I’m spontaneous, love controversy if it sheds light on something positive and my big mouth is as big as my heart. What can I say, I LOVE TO CONFESS and be so honest it scares the crap out of people—, honesty is so hard to come by but its all I’m going to give you and if you don’t like it—I’ll let you have your choice because I love you. Another thing I’ll regret before I die if it doesn’t happen is the lack of hugs and kisses I could give or receive.
Enough said, Sharee has spoken!


I love sunshine, giving smiles and being with my friends and family and like to give sunshine,smiles and visit with my friends and family.I like doing a variety of activities and couldn’t live with out that so I do alot of different activies.


We have a lot in common Niko – with a few tweeks!
I don’t like when I’m not excercising.
I don’t like when I’m not listening to music.
I don’t like when I’m not traveling.
I don’t like when I’m not living closer to people I love.
I don’t like that I don’t live by the ocean.
I don’t like it when you are not writing -haha!
Thanks for your wonderful insight! And please keep on writing!


i hate not having full time to run my art project org and giving it my full attention. i want to be able to make that what i do all of the time so that it can live up to it’s full attention as a non profit organization one day.


I hate not pursuing my dream. I want to be a singer. My family and friends say I could be great.


I hate not working on music, not writing, and not smiling or sharing a smile with someone….it always feels like a missed opportunity for greatness and fulfillment!

And, Niko! If you want to get closer to the ocean, travel to New Jersey! I’m only an hour away and although the water isn’t Caribbean beautiful, it is soothing, uplifting and healing πŸ™‚

Kisses and hugs!



I hate not traveling or moving at all. Sitting still bothers me alot, I wanna see all of the world learn about all its mysteries ne and old. My first destination is Italy or the South of France area. Hopefully very soon.Much love, God Bless.


there aren’t many thing i hate not doing. i believe that whatever i do is what i decide to do therefor what i like to do. what i hate is getting stressed and try to accomplish all my goals with little resources (not enough time as a matter of fact). besides that i know i don’t like being sad and crying from times to times due to personal problems i have but i strongly believe that for every problem there is a solution so i don’t give up my hopes on finding it…. think of life as the most unique experience and don’t be afraid to live it to the best that you can for you and for those arround you…


I like the way you thinking


I hate not listening music…because i’m in love with MUSIC πŸ™‚


Hello niko.
I hate not like your question:) because I love this question
I hate not dance.. becouse I LOOOVVVEE dance and the music
I hate not living near the water , just like you, and doing surf, fortunately I can see the sea every time.
I like the way you thinking.. keep going:)
Renata from Portugal


oh well…

i hate NOT being with the people i care about often,
i hate NOT be able to travel,
i hate NOT be able to tell the world that i love it and that i still believe that some bad things can change,
i hate NOT think of me (sometimes) at first, so i always help the others but i can’t help myself,
i hate NOT having money enough to be able to help directly who lives in extreme and horrible conditions,
i hate NOT learning enough about some things that i love (like writting, photography…) ’cause i just don’t have time to,
i hate NOT living in a world where live good people, and have you as my neighbour to iluminate my mind with your thoughts & conversations and make my soul feel alive and happy with your music ^^
i hate NOT living in a world where all the people could have a second or tird change in their lifes.

with all this… i’m just grateful to have wonderful friends and a boyfriend that are always there when i need, no matter what, if my family can’t help. besides, even when my family can help! xD
i’m grateful to know you, Niko, even if i really din’t know you personally. you inspire me. i wish that in the future there’ll be more people like you. ^^



I have cancer, I was that person hate every thing,but now I know my life is short,I love everything,I am going to gym,I am starting to play music,and make more freindship,I am happy now more than before

Sheikh Mohammad Murad
September 1, 2010 6:10 am

I hate not to listen music


Sizi izliyor ve takip ediyorum.

saygΔ±larΔ±mla Niko


Well, it’s nice to share habbites and feelings.Thank’s for the Opportunity Niko πŸ˜‰

I hate Not Carrying about Family & Friends

I hate not doing YOGA & Stretch

I hate not listening to Niko πŸ˜‰

I hate not Writing Poems

I hate not helping peaople

I hate not WORKING

I hate not learning a new languages

I hate not listening to Fayrouz

I hate not surfing in Internet

But. I love every thing creating buy Allah (God)

I thanks God for everything in this life , such as meeting people on Niko’s Blogs

Wishing you Peace & Love

Marwa πŸ™‚


I hate not connecting with the people I encounter daily. When I close myself
off to being close to those I encounter I am not happy and feel hidden and
dim. When I shine my light and truly put my wakeful mind in every moment I
am the refreshment and counterbalance to pain and rigidness. This is a good
thing for everyone involved including me.

I hate feeling stagnant. If I don’t dust off my wings and stay in motion
(mentally, or physically) I start to feel lost, without purpose,
claustrophobic. I hate to be sitting here day after day confined to one area
when my heart begs to go exploring, seeing all there is to see, around the
world. People, nature, thought. With new areas learned and new people sewn
into my thoughts brings forth new perspectives that otherwise could not be seen. If I become the permanent boulder than that becomes my purpose and I will never move. I want to be the observer, the mover, the shaker, the explorer of life. So my options stand and it is obvious I need to listen to my heart!

Thank you Niko for once again sitting me down to explore my own mind.


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