Why I have no goals

I got a email from a guy named Roy H. Williams about “goals” vs. “plans”, I feel his words are very insightful and I wanted to share them with you! ~ Niko
Why I Have No Goals

“Goal,” in my experience, is a favorite word of people who talk and dream and dream and talk. And then they get together to “network” with other talkers. There’s always a lot of noise in these meetings but it’s unlikely that anything of consequence is going to happen. People who chatter about goals are rarely willing to die on that mountain.
I have no goals. But I do have plans.
A plan puts you in motion toward a destination. The destination you choose is irrelevant. It is (1.) motion, (2.) determination and (3.) commitment that separate destination-reaching explorers from goal-setting chipmunks.

Count the cost, explorer. “Am I willing to die on this mountain?”

A goal without a plan is wishful thinking.
A plan without action is self-delusion.
Here are three questions I’d like to ask:
1. What are you trying to make happen?
2. How will you measure success?
3. What’s the first thing you need to do to get started?


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Hi Niko, sorry for the delay,i just wanna wish a great year,another year ,another year old ( er )…that`s nothing much i know what i`m talking about,so enjoy this one !!!

Wish ya all the best



Very good argument there!
I make plans, they take me places, and once I’m there I see what my goal (for that moment) really is.
F.I. a while ago I went to see my friend Ras Fire perform, he is ever so inspiring. Being friends who love one another we made the plan for me to play too on that occasion, an honour! But the party got hot and exiting, pple were hacing so much fun dancing to the DJ who was beaming with pleasant surprise. So I played for Ras in his dressing room and he loved it, saying: Npw I can hear every word! So for that night the plan was great, but the goal changed and it made Ras really happy. We talked a lot after that moment, still in the dressingroom and reinforced our friendship!
Thamks Niko for sgaring this, great stuff!


Thanks for this reflection Niko !
Real happiness is not a destination but the way to an achievement.


Dear Niko

Thank you very much because this information of goal and plans help me to really understand my own situation.




People make plans to realize their goals. Making plans with no goals to reach is not realistic. I’m sure you have some sort of a goal for which you made plans to realize. But I do not know why you do not make it public. I guess you have some anxiety about not realizing your goal. You do not want people think that you are unsuccessful. In my opinion, you do not have to be anxious about your image, you are quite successful in everything you do.
Have fun in planning to realize your goals.

Abubakar Suleiman
October 13, 2010 12:54 pm

Thanks Nik really enjoy this piece, wish you more success in your life.

ernesto gustavo bazan godoy
October 24, 2010 1:30 pm

me interesan los videos de la grabacion , estan muy bueno, DIOS los bendiga


Hello Niko,
thanks for sharing this argument with us. i personally am a person with lack of goals and plans. but my plans comes as birth of the moment. i don’t live my life making a certain plan to follow, which i think is bad thing, but my life is going and i plan it as i get involved in it. my plan of today which i’m trying to make happen, never was something planed in the past. i let my self in the flow of life but each plan i try to finish and accomplish something out of it. i measure success by the experience i gain and the knowledge and joy that adds to my soul.
And the first thing i need to get started, is believing in my plan and the time spent in it.

Thanks again for the nice topic.
wish u all uck
God bless



hi; Niko my idol
T think that we should have a nice dream before. After that we have to try to make a dream come ture. Yesh.. It’s not easy! We must to plan and do it step by step. We must to learn about defeat. But I believe that we will success soon.

love you,Niko

Jennet from Thailand


Hi niko,
a goal leads you away from the moment.each moment is full with love, wonder, questions and challenges.if you follow your own flow of joy, love and interest, it will attract the right events in your live, which are helpful for coming closer to your Higher Self.I trust my inner leader. Plans are good for unstable people children, but better form time to time to verify them, to change and discard. Value of each second life. Hm? What do you say? 😉
hearty regards


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