by Mark Clifford, Junior McGee, Matt Hope, Nick Holmes, John Liuaana

Read it in the news today
Another crime’s been legalised
Do they think they’re doing us a favour?
Morally robbing us blind

Right or wrong, black or white
Do you know or care?
How does it affect you inside?
Your spirit bleeds but you’re unaware

Do you see? Do you care?
Do you know what they are doing to you?

Who’s to blame?
Who was it that did this to us?
It’s a shame
Looking for an alibi to cover us

Some days all the media seems wrong
Sometimes it’s alright
I wonder who decides what to feed us
Our daily bread on tv at night

Drugs and drink and prostitution
Rugby, racing and blues
They told me what to think and it destroyed me
Yeah but what about you?

Ooh-wa-ooh, look at all the issues
Say a prayer for me cause I’m no better than you


Hear it on the radio
Talkin’ on the telephone
See it on the tv
Play it on the MP3