New Day

by Mark Clifford

Do You find it hard to believe what you see?
Do you ever wonder how we came to be? (yeah, just you and me)
Look at a living thing, the detail’s so fine
What you see points to a great and grand design
(yeah, a great and grand design)

Look out of your window
It’s not that hard to see
There’s beauty behind the mystery

(Can you tell me how)
How does it all exist without falling apart?
(Can you show me now)
If it all appeared by chance then how did it start?
(There’s only one way)
Designed by someone far beyond you or me
(How can you deny)
How can you deny?
Still believe a lie

Ooh yeah, don’t buy the lie

(I wonder) Does God have a laugh when science learns something new?
We claim it for our own, he knows we have no clue (what are we gonna do?)
(I wonder) Does He cry when He sees what we have become?
Always trying to discredit his six days of fun (yeah, it ain’t no smokin’ gun)


Why can’t you see the leaves for the tree
Why can’t you see its not you versus me
Not God vs Science even if you want it to be
God designed it all to work in harmony for us, for us, for me, you and me

It’s not just a belief, not just a fact
It’s a perfect God-designed supernatural balancing act (tell me can you beat that)
(I dare you) Dare you to put your heart and your mind to the test
Give it all to God, let Him take care of the rest (yeah that’s what I suggest)


Yeah, it’s a new day
C’mon, c’mon, it’s a new day