by Nick Holmes, Mark Clifford, Junior McGee, John Liuaana

The silent killer stalks us
He’s airborne, all around
Who’s the next victim gonna be when sickness comes to town
1918 it was influenza
In the 80s we got AIDS
The way we’re dying keeps on changing
But the dying stays the same

Who can make a difference to our suffering
Who can change our fate, provide the hope that you bring

What’s wrong with this body?
What’s wrong with this world?
What’s wrong with this people who think they know it all
We still can’t cure the cancer
We still can’t cure the old
We still can’t even bring ourselves to cure the common cold

We manipulate genetics
We try to cheat death if we can
We experiment with germ warfare
Try to kill our fellow man
We just can’t make our minds up
Do we kill? Or do we cure?
Or do we wait until our loved ones are knockin’ on Heaven’s door?


There’s a light dawning on the horizon
It’s a hint of the things to come
A preview of a place where no one suffers
Where disease and death are gone

There’s hope for this body
There’s hope for this world
There’s hope for this people who think they know it all
He can heal all our diseases
Life need not end at the funeral
If we trust in the one whose power overshadows it all

Don’t believe in genetics
Don’t believe in cosmetics
Don’t believe in narcotics