There is No Spoon

by Mark Clifford, Junior McGee, Matt Hope, Nick Holmes

When I see what’s before me in the media
I don’t know just what they’re saying
And the facts just don’t add up
So why print them?
I don’t know what game they’re playing

Feelings rule, they govern all
They make our laws
It seems that no thought is given
To the truth, the precious truth
So hard to find
How are we ‘sposed to be living

The fool says in his heart
‘There’s no God’

He’s there in every town
The countryside around
The evidence abounds
But who will come around to hear it

People hold different beliefs
Some make no sense
Like they’ve thought about it never
Lazy thoughts, it’s easier to carry on
Fictitious views of reaching Heaven

People claim that they were healed
Sceptics abound
Why should God have chosen that one
Seems to me that we believe
We just don’t like
The way that Jesus runs the earth and . . .

(chorus x2)

It’s right in front of you
Obscured by your point of view
It’s right in front of you
Waiting for you to choose

(chorus x2)

There is no spoon . . .