Made Alive | Citizens & Saints cover

How do we think like Jesus? Maybe we can start with understanding what He’s done for us. Performed live at Hosanna Porirua, Ne...
Love Broke Thru

Love Broke Thru | tobyMac cover

A practice jam at band rehearsals for Imani Republic. I hadn’t heard this song before it was chosen, but it’s a good one...

Red Letters | dc Talk cover

From the Archives: This dc Talk song was used several times in church at Hosanna Porirua, either as a dance piece or performed by th...
Chosen | demo

Chosen | demo

Something of an experiment, Chosen is my first foray into studio recording. Somewhat torpedoed by Covid-19, we had to work with demo...

Stalker | 4 On The Floor

We wrote and performed this song over a decade ago. It has suddenly become very relevant. This is the sound desk recording from the...
Good Good Father

Good Good Father | backyard jam

Recorded on a phone, this was my first meeting for a jam with Phil Murefu of InTheMixProductions and Imani Republic.
Science and Christianity

Science and Christianity

Can Science and Christianity co-exist? This is a message I filmed and edited for church. A sermon by Gary S. Colville, Hosanna Porir...

Speak Life | tobyMac cover

We performed this song for our message on Influence. Never underestimate the impact your words have on someone else, for good or bad...

Do Something | Matthew West cover

This song was used for our church Vision cast, and subsequently we were asked to perform it again for a revisit. Always goes better...

The Way | Dan Bremnes cover

Which is more important: The journey, or the destination? We performed this song at church in exploration of this topic.


Amazing God

Amazing God

A Lincoln Brewster song we introduced in 2019. I immediately loved it.